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The work of the Chapters is of fundamental importance to the Society as they provide opportunities for members to network, share information and engage with the public and with advocacy initiatives locally.

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Socio-Cultural Challenges in the Management of Bipolar Disorder:

A Trans-Cultural Study by the International Society of Bipolar Disorders

An open invitation to all ISBD chapter chairs and interested ISBD members to join Ketil J. Oedegaard and Ole B. Fasmer, Christine H. Ødegaard from the Norwegian Society for Bipolar Disorders and Lesley Berk and Michael Berk from the Austral-Asian Society for bipolar Disorders in this effort. 

The purpose of the current project is to study culture, ethnicity, and the practice of medicine related to bipolar patients in order to describe how socio-cultural variations might represent a challenge to providing effective medical care to patients with bipolar disorders.

Interested parties should contact Chad Daversa at