General Membership

Any individual with an interest in research or clinical care of individuals with mood disorders can apply for membership of the Society. Benefits of membership include:

Annual Conference

  • Reduced registration to the Society’s annual meeting
  • Advanced registration before non-members
  • Opportunity to submit proposals for symposia and workshops

Career Development

  • Opportunity to participate in the Society’s mentorship program for early career scientists and clinicians 
  • Opportunity to interact directly and on-line with key opinion leaders and other colleagues within the field
  • Eligibility to be considered for the Society’s Awards and Fellowships
  • Publications and Information Dissemination
    • Free subscription to the Society journal
    • Receipt of and opportunity to contribute to the Society’s newsletter
    • Opportunity to discuss and present your work to other members of the Society
    • Opportunity to participate in Task Forces

Public Engagement and Advocacy

  • Opportunities to participate or initiate educational events and workshops to advance public engagement with research and clinical developments in mood disorders
  • Liaising with advocacy organisations and colleagues with experience in advocacy work
  • Enlist the Society’s support in local initiations

Governance and Service

  • Eligibility to vote at the general annual meeting
  • Eligibility to serve as an officer of the Society
  • Opportunity to shape and direct the activities of the Society
  • Opportunity to participate on Standing Committees