Advocacy Affiliate Membership

Any groups or organizations of patients, carers or advocates in the field of psychiatric disorders, particularly mood disorders can apply for membership of the Society.

Annual Conference

  • Reduced registration to the Society’s annual meeting for members of the advocacy group
  • Opportunity to submit proposals for symposia and workshops for inclusion to the meeting’s programme under a dedicated advocacy stream

Networking Opportunities

  • Opportunity to interact directly and on-line with key opinion leaders and other colleagues and advocates within the field

Publications and Information Dissemination

  • Opportunity to contribute to the Society’s newsletter

Public Engagement and Advocacy

Opportunities to organize advocacy and public engagement events with the support of the Society during our International meetings and locally.

Research and Education

  • Opportunities to partner with the Society on research initiatives relevant to patient and care giver experiences
  • Opportunity to partner with the Society on public education or psycho-education initiatives

Please contact the ISBD Office for more information:

International Society for Bipolar Disorders
P.O. Box 7168
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
United States of America

Phone:  (412) 648-3301