Board of Councilors

ISBD Elected Board of Councilors

The ISBD Elected Board of Councilors is a globally diverse group currently made up of members from 15 countries. We appreciate the support of our Board and hope that all current and past members will continue to play an active role in the leadership of ISBD.

Please click on the names below for member profiles and statements of intent.


Below are the Chapter Chair Councilors:

Dr. Sergio Strejilevich, Argentina
Prof. Philip Mitchell, Australia
Prof. Christian Simhandl, Austria
Dr. Angela Scippa, Brazil
Dr. Danilo Quiroz, Chile
Dr. Carlos Lopez Jaramillo, Colombia *
Dr. Maj Vinberg, Denmark
Prof. Marion Leboyer, France
Dr. Michael Wong, Hong Kong/ Macau
Dr. Rajesh Nagpal, India
Prof. Carlo Altamura, Italy
Dr. Norio Ozaki, Japan
Prof. Hyun-Sang Cho, Korea
Dr. Manuel Sanchez, Mexico
Prof. Ralph Kupka, Netherlands
Prof. Ketil Oedegaard, Norway
Dr. Oscar Heeren, Peru
Prof. Maria Luisa Figueira, Portugal
Prof. Gregor Hasler, Switzerland
Prof. Omer Aydemir, Turkey
Prof. Tung-Ping Su, Taiwan
Prof. Luis Madrid Peroza, Venezuela
* - Also an elected Councilor